textlle machine blabes
Cloth cutter blade maintenance

1. Check the cutting blade every day is sharp, if not sharp, with grinding stone grinding.


2. Check the gas line every day for leaks.


3. Check the electrical circuit once a month to maintain good insulation.


4. Reducer should be replaced once every six months to use lubricating oil.


5. Grease should be replaced after one year of motor operation.


6. Chain to maintain normal lubrication and tension in time; transmission gears, worm gear once a week between the grease.


7. Blade when not in use for a long time to pay attention to moisture-proof rat.


8. Work should be promptly clean up the blade sticky stolen goods, so as not to cause a long time difficult to clean.


9. Carefully clean after get off work every day to ensure that the blade running smoothly.

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