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Strip circular knives and small differences

Bundle is a variety of cloth or fabric cut pieces of critical equipment. Qiebuzhong any errors is irreparable, the Conference put forward higher requirements. But more cutting machine main are the following.


1.Circular knife strip machine


Circular knife strip machine more compact and lightweight than strip straight knife machine mainly applies to strip a small amount of fabric and silk fabric. Circle Strip cutter machine blades usually have three types, namely, circular blade, corrugated knife and a serrated knife.


2. strip straight knife machines


strip straight knife machines is the most widely used, it has a light weight, convenient control, edge cutting accuracy and other characteristics, is the current function Strip up machine. Strip straight knife machines rely on vertical movement up and down of the blade for cutting, with blades usually have a plain carbon steel knives and waveform teeth made of high speed steel knife types.

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