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How to purchase non-woven slitter blade


Purchase non-woven slitter blade, slitter device status you want to look at itself and, for some stale old slitter equipment, we suggested the use of high-speed non-woven slitter blade. Because the slitter equipment usually are not satisfied with carbide cutting blades require precision. Low speed machine can not choose high speed non-woven slitter blade, blade chrome non-woven slitter blade and has a good price/performance, more appropriate workload is not single use.


For their own good producers of equipment, of course, use carbide non-woven slitter blade is the best choice. It has a long service life, shorter grinding time, which greatly reduces downtime in the production process tool change times, time saving, a significant decrease in the cost of production.


Choice non-woven slitter blade at high speed on paperboard production line, high speed Board line razor blade slitting of nonwoven slitting machine part is particularly important. And non-woven slitter blade greatly advances the cardboard quality. In the selected non-woven slitter blade and its ancillary supplies becomes particularly major, whose good will directly affect the quality and output of finished Board, this is the most important.

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