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Cloth cutting blades annealing processing classification and role


Annealing is the cloth cutting blades: blade heat to the temperature and holding time, and then slowly cooled to room temperature. Is primarily used to reduce the hardness of the steel, improve plasticity, to facilitate cutting and cold processing and grain refinement, even steel organization, improving performance and prepare for the subsequent heat treatment of steel; you can also eliminate internal stress in steel. Prevent machining deformation and cracking.


(1) fully annealed

The steel is heated to a critical temperature (different critical temperature of steel is different, is 710-750, the critical temperatures of up to 800-900oC of individual steel) 30-50oC above, heat time and slow furnace cooling (cooling or in the sand).

Grain refinement, uniform organizations to reduce hardness, to remove internal stresses full annealing applied to carbon (by mass) in O.8% the following forgings or castings.


(2) the spheroidizing annealing

The steel is heated above the critical temperature 20~30oC, after after insulating, slow cooling to 500 deg oven air cooling.

Reduce the hardness of the steel, improved cutting performance, and after hardening ready to reduce the quenching deformation and cracking, spheroidizing annealing applied to carbon content (concentration), carbon and alloy tool steel, greater than O.8%.


(3) stress relief annealing

The steel is heated to 500~650oC, holding a certain time, and then slowly cooling (typically by furnace cooling).

Elimination of steel produced by straightening, welding and cold stress, eliminate internal stress generated when machining of precision parts, to prevent future processing and use occurs during deformation.

Stress relief heat treatment applicable to all kinds of castings, forgings, Weldments and cold extrusion.

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