textlle machine blabes
Textile circular blades cutting different angles in several ways

Textile circular blades cut based on the viewpoint of different divided into the following categories:

First, honestly flat open.this method refers to the cut in thin muslin cloth and cut such that the cut is straight viewpoint.

Second, squeezing cut. The cutting method is not many, it is usually carried out with the same data rate synchronous cut, but this method has cut certain viewpoint, more commonly used in the textile industry, for example, no canvas, of course, also be used in the plastic film cut.

Third, angle cut. Too literally, it means a little cut division viewpoint, generally ranging from 2-5 degrees viewpoint, there are more than 15 degrees. This division cut method has two parts, one part is cut out circular blade, circular blade and cut. Cut division of the cut data and cut a little round blade viewpoint, the viewpoint is based on the required planning, which would not lead to the appearance of the offset data presentation, usually cut thicker fabric-based, such as thick textile fabrics and so on .

In addition there are a number of other cutting methods, but relatively small, this does not describe!

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